The Journal – 6/4 & 6/5 – Nerja and Malaga

June 5, 2010

Judie, my dad, me, and Blake eating paella at Burriana Beach

We have spent another day and a half in Nerja since the last time I posted anything, and only a few things have changed. My dad, Judie, Blake, and I went to the beach for a good part of the third day. We went to a different part of Burriana Beach that is a little closer to the Balcon de Europa. It’s not right next to the balcon, but it’s closer to it than the main part of Burriana Beach. We didn’t have as much access to all of the paella restaurants that line the entire stretch of Burriana, but we did have a little more privacy. There were younger tourists without so many kids at the section of beach that we were using. The little stones that take the place of normal sand were extremely hot to step on. I thought my skin was peeling off with every step.

The water was cold but magnificent! I wouldn’t say that it’s as cold as the Pacific Ocean, but it still took me a good twenty minutes to ease myself in. I can’t remember the Mediterranean Sea to be so clear. I suppose it’s the lack of sand that enables you to see all the way down to the bottom.

At about 4pm, we packed up our things and went to one of the paella restaurants. Apparently we were a little late. All of the restaurants make huge batches of paella and serve a pretty large portion for 6 euros each. We split two portions between the four of us, and it was a lot of food for a pretty good deal. Most restaurants serve people in the afternoon from probably about 1 to 4pm. When we were there, we ordered the last two portions out of the whole batch.

After eating, my dad and Judie headed back out to the beach. Blake can only lay on the beach for a few hours at a time, so he and I went back to the hotel. We relaxed a bit before heading out for coffee and gelato. We also picked up our laundry and did a few other errands before meeting back up with my dad and Judie for dinner.

They had a place in mind to take us. The restaurant, was right on the water and was in the Torrencilla area of Nerja. It was called “Bamboo,” and we all ordered something different. I ordered chicken curry and it was pretty good. Blake had roasted chicken, Judie ordered salmon, and my dad ordered pork with a peppercorn sauce. (It’s kind of strange that I’m writing all this, but hey…I remember it!)

When we finished eating, we went to see a flamenco show at a flamenco bar called “La Molina.” The flamenco show was excellent. La Molina is a small venue. It’s really just a bar with two levels so that you can see the tiny stage from a balcony if you can’t get a closer seat. There wasn’t any kind of cover that we had to pay; however, the first drink you ordered was more expensive than the others, (which is a creative way of getting a cover without requiring it.) We each ordered a glass of wine for 6 euros each. Every one thereafter was 3 euros.

The dancers were amazing and so were the musicians. It seemed like a bunch of Spanish locals were the ones that came to watch the show, which meant that it was probably pretty authentic. We were lucky enough to get one of the last seats on the ground floor. The dancers consisted of three women and a man. They would perform one or two dances; then they would leave to change clothes. It seemed like before every song, they would have a new outfit on. The force at which they pound the floor always amazes me.

I think we all must have been a little tired after the show because we didn’t go out afterward. It was about 1am when we left, and we just went back to our hotel after viewing the flamenco.

Blake and I were supposed to leave my dad and Judie the next day, but we decided to stick around and spend one more day at the beach. We had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel lobby, we went on the internet for a bit, packed, and when we were ready, we went to the beach again.

Every day we spent in Nerja was perfect. The weather was outstanding. The last couple of days, we started stopping at a tiny grocery store on the way to the beach so that we could grab some meat, cheese, and bread to make sandwiches for lunch. We had chorizo and cheese sandwiches on the last day at the beach.

When it got to be about 3pm, Blake and I took my dad and Judie’s hotel key so that we could use their shower. We showered off and changed before we left the city. My dad and Judie met us at the hotel a little while later because they were going to drive us to Malaga.

I am currently sitting in the common area of the Sol Backpackers hostel, which is about a block away from the beach. Since we are flying to Milan out of the Malaga airport early in the morning, we thought it would be good to spend the night here. The hostel is pretty cool. The staff is helpful and the rooms are clean. We are sharing a room with a guy and a girl from Michigan who seem pretty nice.

Right when Blake and I got in, we headed out to walk around the town. I’m really glad that we chose to spend most of the day in Nerja with my dad and Judie. This town is more cultural than Nerja, but it’s bigger and not as charming. In addition, the beach is way worse and it isn’t as tourist friendly as Nerja. It reminds me of the Santa Monica beach areas of Southern California.

Blake and I are extremely excited to go to Italy tomorrow! We can’t wait…even if it is for just two days.

Later tonight, we’ll go out to dinner at a place on the beach, and then we’ll finally catch an early night of sleep.

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